Don't let your dog suffer anymore from hip dysplasia or arthritis...

"The Pain and Degeneration of Dog Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia Can Be Stopped and Even Permanently Cured Through These Various Naturopathic Methods"

Over 20 Different Ways to Help Canine Arthritis and Dysplasia


Dear Dog Owner,

It's terrible to see a loved pet suffer from the pain and and suffering of canine arthritis or dysplasia.

Our dogs give us only love and affection, and it's heart breaking to see them yelp or cry in pain when they struggle to sit up or walk up or down the stairs. Too often when a pet cannot seem to run, jump, play and twist anymore it's arthritis rather than "old age."

Dog arthritis and canine dysplasia harm animals in the same way they hurt humans. Our dogs experience the same amount of pain and suffering, if not more since they are used to running, jumping and playing all day. Finally there are a variety of highly effective holistic therapies (including special dog arthritis supplements) to remove their pains and help them reverse their condition rather than just mask it, as medications do.

Did you know there are nearly twenty different treatment options to naturally start reversing your dog's arthritis, degenerative joint disease and hip dysplasia? Through holistic means, you can not only block a dog's pain and suffering but actually work towards reversing the condition itself. Find out the EXACT details of what you must do in our 47-page book on dog arthritis, degenerative joint disease and dog dysplasia, which covers the following topics:

  • 11 signs you must watch for telling whether your dog is actually suffering from arthritis or "old age" (which is what people normally assume). Don't neglect these indications.

  • One simple test you must insist your vet performs for a correct diagnosis of arthritis or other forms of degenerative joint disease. Without this test, your dog could be easily misdiagnosed and improperly treated for years (don't laugh -- it happens all the time!).

  • The 3rd party organization to turn to in order to confirm a vet's prognosis whenever you're in doubt.

  • The amount and type of proper exercise your dog should get if they have arthritis. Follow these simple rules and your dog will stay thin, get enough exercise, and won't destroy their joints.

  • When NSAID medications and pharmaceuticals may be appropriate even though you favor a naturopathic approach. Here's how to choose between the two.

  • Which pharmaceuticals and NSAID drugs for dog arthritis can cause severe problems -- even death!
  • The synergistic ingredients you should look for in any glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate supplement to help it work quicker and more effectively.

  • A special herbal arthritis formula from Australia (with a fantastic success rate!) that offers a tremendous promise of relief when glucosamine formulations don't seem to help.
  • How to use vitamin C to help prevent and even help cure hip dysplasia despite the genetics of the disease! Make sure your dog is taking this inexpensive vitamin in buffered form, especially if your dog is pregnant with puppies.

  • Natural anti-inflammatory substances that can help with your dog's pain and speed the healing processes.

  • Special foods to add to your dog's diet to help build stronger cartilage and increase the production of GAGs.

  • The anti-arthritic dog diet ... what dogs can eat and what they should avoid to lose weight and avoid arthritis flare-ups.

  • How to give your dog a therapeutic massage along its acupuncture meridians to help heal their pain and inflammation ... where to press your fingers, how to rotate them, and when it's best to do it.

  • Chiropractic, homeopathic, acupuncture, and other specialized vet practitioner directories to help you find a skilled holistic practitioner in your area for your dog.

We've collected al this information for you in one single place for your convenience, which you can instantly receive via the internet. Save yourself time, money, and eliminate your dog's discomfort by getting started using it right away with an immediate download. Written by a veterinarian and nutritionist, it's everything you need to know to get started on healing your dog right away and making their life easier.

Just click the ordering link below and an easy to read 47-page .pdf manual will be sent to you in minutes that can help.

We've removed all your risks of buying because everything is done on a secure server, and if you don't like our manual for any reason whatsoever, simply ask for your money back and keep our manual in good conscience. We're here to help, and this is the largest and BEST collection of do-it-yourself protocols that can possibly help your pet. That's our guarantee.


canine dog arthritis and hip dysplasia can be cured

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dog hip dysplasia and canine arthritis can be cured with these vet methods


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