About us

We help individuals separate the truth from the fiction when it comes to nutritional supplements and medical therapies.

Our readers are savvy and believe in a balanced nutritional approach to getting healthy and staying healthy. They believe in a proper diet and the use of vitamins, herbs and nutritional supplements. However, they don't want to waste money on unnecessary or ineffective supplements and medical approaches, and they don't want to be taken for a ride with unsubstantiated supplement claims by manufacturers.

They believe that a nutritional and naturopathic approach to health problems often works, but not all the time. Wisdom and pragmatism must always rule. Research, second opinions and informed consent are golden.

They recognize that the standard medical approach is often the best course of action to be taken in a health crisis, but they want to know both sides to any situation and how they can assist the orthodox approach with naturopathic means when they are suffering from some sort of ailment. They want true informed consent and if they must undergo intrusive therapies, they want all the "chips stacked in their favor." That means adjunctive nutritional therapies even if they are pooh-poohed by their doctors, who rarely know anything about them.

Having seen the large scale deceptions of the past fostered by drug makers on the public and on physicians in order to sell drugs, they don't immediately swallow all the claims of the big pharmaceutical establishment which is out to protect its profit streams, which is a natural and understandable outcome of a profit-seeking world. Then again they don't dismiss the usefulness of drugs and the power of what they can do. Drugs can be lifesavers, but drugs on top of drugs to treat the cascading of medication side-effects is not the right way to go.

Our readers don't immediately swallow the surgery-is-necessary claims either, but on the other hand they recognize there are indeed conditions where you should run, not walk, to the operating room for surgical intervention.

In other words, they recognize the need for pragmatic balance, and to do what works. A good healer uses what actually works despite a thousand "authorities" claiming it isn't so. The proof is in the pudding, as medical studies claiming one thing are reversed ten or twenty years later. We used to take out tonsils as a matter of course, but now we don't. We used to think that high carbohydrate diets are great for diabetes, but now we know they contribute to the problem. We used to think that cholesterol is the big worry, but now we know it's just a symptom and not the underlying problem.

On and on it goes.

Our readers recognize that money flows and vested interests often play a big role in what is promoted as standard health care, and believe that many times -- more often than not -- a little bit of educated research can reveal a better way than the "establishment way" ... such as a naturopathic approach that can make all the difference in the world.

First and foremost, they believe that every individual must take personal responsibility for their own health, because health starts with the individual and the choices that he or she makes. Because the state of your health is a cumulative effect of the choices you make, our readers want better information on how to make their own health choices and powerful ways that will help them stick to an enjoyable but disciplined path.

Who am I? I'm Bill Bodri, the Naturopathic Educator™ and The Skeptical Nutritionist™ himself, trained as a clinical nutritionist with a MS in nutritional science, as an herbal naturopath who knows Chinese medicine and bodywork, and a teacher of meditation and mind-body healing. I also run a site called www.MeditationExpert.com.

Our aim here is to dramatically improve your health by advising you on the best nutritional supplements and naturopathic approaches that deal with various health conditions. We're open enough to consider any claims for new products and approaches, including those that don't currently fit the reigning medical paradigms, but we're also skeptical enough to question, test, and evaluate claims rather than uncritically accept every new opinion, supplement or treatment option that comes our way. So we're open but skeptical ... that's how we get our name. We veer to what works.

Our conclusions and recommendations are summarized in our free newsletter, and they are published for your benefit in order to help create a healthier America. Subscribe to our free ezine and welcome aboard.