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Dear Peyronies Disease Sufferer,

It's your penis and your sex life, dammit! Don't let Peyronies disease destroy it, disfigure you and subject you to pain and embarrassment. You should be able to do something about it!

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Did you know there are 11 different naturopathic ways -- THAT HAVE WORKED -- to naturally start dissolving your Peyronie's plaques and restore your penis back to normal? No more lumps, no more pain, no more angles, disfiguration, uncomfortable sex, worry or embarrassment.

In fact there are more than 11 ways to cure Peyronies disease, which we've explained with sources and references and background materials and cases, in our 145-page book:

  • You should be consuming high dosage vitamin E for Peyronies, but only of a special type and only one brand you should ever use (which your doctor isn't going to tell you because he doesn't know) ... AND you should always be taking this special form of vitamin E along with another vitamin at the same time to maximize its effectiveness ... and perhaps along with two special amino acids as well.
  • There are special clot busting, fibrin dissolving enzymes, one made from soybeans and one made from earthworms, that come from overseas (but readily available through the internet) that are proven at dissolving blood clots and increasing blood flow to all your organs and extremities, including the penis! One individual who started using it for his penile scars (that he developed due to martial arts practice) reported to me that the tissue had softened in only four days, and men constantly call me up telling of stronger and more frequent erections when they haven't even used up a quarter of the bottle. This is one inexpensive but powerful Peyronies treatment option you should not miss for sure!
  • There is a particular enzyme cocktail formulation, containing a fibrinolytic tissue eating enzyme made from silkworms -- which Dr. Hans Nieper called "the poor man's chelation therapy" -- that holds the biggest promise for eliminating hardened tissues ALL throughout the body -- that eliminates pain, destroys floating immune complexes in the blood that contribute to autoimmune disorders, and literally "eats away" at plaque and fibrin accumulations, including fibrocystic breasts. It's so effective that plastic surgeons use it to prevent or eat away scars after operations, and in high doses it will literally eat away at internal scar tissues.
  • There are special RBC, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and fatty acid blood tests that can give you a full inventory of your nutritional abilities to fight off Peyronie's disease, and which can actually spotlight any biochemical pathways that are "off" that might be clinically or subclinically contributing to the disease. Whether Peyronie's plaques are due to an inflammatory, autoimmune, vascular disease or wound healing response gone haywire, this panel of chemistries will let you know exactly where you stand and what you should be supplementing with to correct your underlying blood chemistry, modulate your healing reactions and intervene to fight off the disease.
  • There are certain foods you should avoid, for your health in general, that produce allergic reactions that make Peyronie's disease just that more difficult to deal. While there is no widely recognized scientific relationship between Peyronie's disease and your diet, here is a fool-proof way to discover whether you have any food allergies that are hurting your health, with Peyronie's possibly being one of those contributions. This 115 food antigen test is absolutely the only one ever to trust, and once you know what foods to avoid your body can devote all its other energies into getting well.
  • There is a special B vitamin formulation and protocol, well studied on Peyronie's and scleroderma patients, that is difficult to comply with but which has a definite track record of reducing pain and penile angulation for Peyronie's disease.
  • There's the antioxidant, acetyl-L-carnitine, which like vitamin E should become a definite part of any natural Peyronie's assistance therapy. Not only has it proved better than tamoxifen in reducing the pain of erections as well as the size of plaques and the severity of penile angulation, but it's just good for your health anyway.
  • Medical journals contain numerous studies on the use of verapamil and colchicine and injectable collagenase factors for Peyronie's disease, so while we don't concentrate on the pharmaceutical interventions in depth because of the natural alternatives, we also briefly summarize their position.
  • There is a traditional DMSO and castor oil combination formula, to be directly applied to the plaques, that uses ingredients Edgar Cayce found successful in treating all sorts of cases of tissue congestion and lymphathic impaction. The individual components have been successfully used for scleroderma as well, and whether we are talking about scars, cysts, or other hardened tissues this is perhaps the most powerful home remedy and "collagen softening agent" you could ever apply for actually breaking up your Peyronie's plaques. Of all the remedies people mention, this one seems to make the most sense and also has the best track record.
  • There is a new high tech colloidal copper spray, just recently invented, that has the amazing ability to soften scar tissue and actually remodel collagen, breaking down and synthesizing collagen at the same time! Containing copper molecules only 1-2 atoms wide, I've actually seen this spray soften 3/8-inch thick scar tissues in days ... amazingly returning them to normal color and freeing the surrounding tissues of restrictions because the tissues had become as soft as the surrounding skin ... after a year's worth of every other conceivable therapy had failed.
  • There is also oral and intravenous EDTA chelation therapy to help remove the calcification found in advanced Peyronie's cases. You might not want to do this, but you need to know about it.

If all this information on various natural Peyronies disease treatment options sounds potentially useful to you, we've collected it in one single place for your convenience, which you can instantly receive via the internet. Typically, all you need to concentrate on are 3-4 supplements out of the 11 methods to start reversing the disease.

"Bill, I could surf the web for months and not come up with as many practical solutions to dissolving penile scar tissue as you have come up with. Just one of your suggestions alone dissolved my fibrous deposits in under one week! My erections have gotten much harder as a result. Another leading 'authority' on the web claimed that my damage was 'irreversible'. So much for his authority! You've got solution after solution in your eBook, and if only one of them works then that is more then anyone can ask for."
--PRosinke, New York

Bill's "The Naturopathic Approaches to Peyronie's Disease" is a gold mine of valuable ideas and treatment options. It is highly recommended because of its clear and entertaining presentation of solid science and logical thought. Every man with Peyronie's Disease should have this book."
-- Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc, Dipl Ac (NCCAOM), Peyronie's Disease Institute,

Save yourself time, money, discomfort and embarrassment by finding these Peyronie's disease natural protocols all in one place and get started using it right away. You can skip another $150 or $250 or $450 trip to the doctor, urologist or surgeon where you find no assistance whatsoever.

Just click the ordering link below, and an easy to read, 145-page .pdf manual will be sent to you in minutes that can help.

Reversing Peyronie's disease is not something that can be done immediately, yet it can be done over time with patience when you use the approach that's right for YOU. Some people start experiencing scar softening in as little as two weeks.

Plenty of people have reversed their Peyronie's plaques by dissolving them away using one or other of the techniques we've reported, and without resorting to surgery or other invasive treatments. Many of these techniques have even had double blind studies done and reported in medical journals (we summarize all that information for you, too) to determine their efficacy.

You can try these techniques and STILL have the option of surgery whenever you like, but doesn't it make sense to first investigate these safer alternatives?

Some doctors say that Peyronie's disease will just disappear in time on its own, but why risk it when using these low cost therapies will stack all the odds in your favor ... and when there's a 90% chance the condition will worsen if you don't do anything?

It doesn't make sense to risk doing nothing at all when your penis and sex life are at stake. In fact, if Peyronie's disease has appeared down there, then what else is going on in the rest of your body? Here's your chance to stop it!

Truth be told, Peyronie's disease must appear for a reason, and it's the underlying condition (the inflammatory biochemistry) that requires an appropriate curative response. No one can tell you without an examination what condition applies to you specifically, so we've included all the natural approaches known that have worked so that you can pick and choose what seems appropriate for your situation.

Peyronie's disease can be reversed -- plenty of people HAVE done it -- but it does take time and discipline. To find out what to do, simply order our 145-page ebook below while taking advantage of our 6-week money-back guarantee.

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