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"If You've Got Hemochromatosis and Are Suffering a Constant Stream of Phlebotomies, This May Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read... "


Re: A New Guide that Tells How to Better Manage Your Hemochromatosis Through Diet and Special Natural Supplements That Bind Iron


Dear Friend,

Hemochromatosis affects millions of people, and is the most common genetic disease on the planet.

The cure? There is no cure...there is only a constant need for phelbotomies (blood letting) in order to pull excess iron out of your system and lower youriron stores.

It's time consuming, distracting, painful -- it's a nuisance at best.

Most doctors don't recognize hemochromatosis when they first see it in sufferers. Rather, they start treating all the other conditions it causes such as painful joints, fatigue, weakness and lack of energy. With hereditary hemochromatosis, there can also be a loss of libido/sex drive, abdominal pains and swelling, and various heart problems, such as heart flutters. You can also suffer from frequent infections, skin bronzing or hair loss.

And those are just the simple things ...

As the excess iron builds up in the organs for hemochromatosis patients – especially in the liver, heart, spleen, and pancreas – it tends to destroy cells. By the time someone is fifty or sixty with iron build-up, the organs may have literally “rusted away inside.” Liver cirrhosis (liver scarring), spleen enlargement (splenomegaly), liver cancer, heart failure, diabetes, and arthritis are all possibilities for advanced hemochromatosis sufferers if the excess iron builds up to cause tissue damage.

So what do you do if you have hemochromatosis? How do you know if you have it? What blood tests confirm it? What is the chance other family members have it? How do you manage it?

As a nutritionist and naturopath, I've been working on a manual for hemochromatosis sufferers that answer all these questions, but most especially, HOW TO MANAGE THE CONDITION with diet and nutritional supplements because modern doctors are lousy at educating patients and helping them manage it. A recent "Survey of physician knowledge about hemochromatosis" found that most doctors don't even know how to look for the condition, confirm it, or manage it.

Are you in that position? Is your life on the line because there's something the doctor didn't tell you?

Then this manual is for you.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in "The Hemochromatosis Natural Helper's Guide" that will help you reduce the frequency of phebotomies and experience more energy and quicker healing:

  • Who is Most Likely to Get Hemochromatosis?
  • Is It Likely to Be Passed to Other Family Members?
  • 22 Different Symptoms Your Doctor Should Look For
  • How to Read an Iron Profile Blood Test
  • Why Transferrin Saturation and Serum Ferritin are the Most Accurate Tests to Look At, and Which Cutoffs Identify Hemochromatosis With 97% Accuracy
  • 2 Genetic Tests (Costing $200) You Must Ask For By Name to Confirm the Gene Mutation of Hereditary Hemochromatosis
  • Which Set of Blood Figures Will Avoid the Need for a Liver Biopsy
  • How Often You Need Phlebotomies to Help Manage Your Iron Levels
  • When Chelation Therapy With Desferal is Highly Recommended
  • How to Cut Down on Iron Rich Foods
  • When You Should Eat Your Vitamin C Fruits, Fruit Juices or Nutritional Supplements ... and How Many Servings is Too Much Per Day
  • Which Mineral Supplement Will Help Block Iron Absorption adn Which Mineral Will Increase It
  • A Special Drink From Asia that Should Become Your Favorite Meal Companion
  • An B-family Supplement, Realeased in 1998, That Will Inexpensively Bind Iron in the Diet or Blood Stream and Reduce the Need for Phlebotomies
  • 11 Special Foods That Will Help Bind Iron in Your Intestines
  • 5 Cooking Herbs To Avoid Because They Increase Iron Absorption

  • And that's just a fraction of what you get with "The Hemochromatosis Natural Helper's Guide".

    If you want to succeed in beating your Hemochromatosis as qucikly as possible, especially if you hate undergoing phlebotomies... you must get this breakthrough book today.


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    Wishing you the Best of Health,


    Bill Bodri


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