Do You Suffer From Arthritis Pain While Gardening ... and Do You Want to Rid Yourself of It for Good?

A top naturopathic nutritionist tells you how to garden effortlessly without pain, and actually use your gardening movements to get better ...

Find out how to regain lost joint mobility, silence arthirits muscle aches and pains and enjoy a wonderful gardening experience again.


Dear Arthritis Sufferer,

   If you're reading this, I don't have to remind youabout the bothersome pain of arthritis.

   My mother had it, my grandfatherhad it and my grandmother, too.

   As a clinical nutritionist I've seen plenty of patients who've been severely crippled by the disease.

   It's frustrating to know there's something people can do about arthritis, and yet arthritis suffereres don't know. What to do goes far beyond the glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate pills which nutritionists commonly recommend as cures.

   There is a more bountiful and enjoyable future ahead of you free of arthritis pain -- where you can increasingly enjoy more and more of everything life has to offer -- if you take some simple steps now to reverse your arthritis condition.

   ... You don't have to learn to live with arthritis pain and disability but can get rid of them completely.

  Imagine being completely free of any sort of pain or discomfort and able to once again fully enjoy all of your god-given natural mobility without strain or effort. Imagine waking up on a daily basis brimming with an incredible zest for the new day and all the activities you're about to accomplish.

  If you are ready to take some simple steps then this is the future you have in store, so read on.

Millions Have Done This, Millions Are Doing This

  Over 13 million seniors have wisely chosen the route of doing something about their arthritis to experience total arthritis relief rather than just live with it while drugs make their condition worse.

  They are the ones who have said, "I'm going to do something about this arthritis pain and suffering … I've had enough."

   Those folks who have actually experienced an arthritis turn-around are the ones who have chosen to do something rather than just wait for a better future that never arrives. I'm going to tell you the very best methods they used for eliminating their arthritis.

  Frankly, there's no reason to put up with joint problems or pain if you know of a simple way back to fuller health. That's why this letter may therefore be the most important thing you'll ever read because it's all about the most powerful simple thing you can do about arthritis pain and relief and return to "100% living."

  Best of all, the solution I'm going to tell you about is even FREE! You can do it all yourself without any need of outside help.

  Not only that, but I'm even going to tell you how to make money from this information, which is something no doctor or other arthritis authority can do for you.

  Here it is in a nutshell ...

What No "Pharmaceutical Crazy" Doctor Will Tell You

  Even though your joints may sometimes ache with pain, you don't have to let this discomfort ruin your life, and you don't have to submit to the fate of forever taking drugs that mask these symptoms while destroying your joints and stomach and wallet!

  You can slowly but surely start taking some positive steps that will actually regain you your joint flexibility, silence all your arthritis pain and actually halt the forward march of your arthritis ... and you'll not only feel better but will look much better for doing it...

  Part of the solution is to take up a form of "comfortable gardening" as a form of exercise to help restore your joint strength, mobility and flexibility, reduce your arthritis pain, lose weight, reduce your risk of osteoporosis and reduce the march of arthritis completely.

  "Comfortable gardening" has an almost unlimited number of other benefits, too, such as helping you sleep better, get rid of useless stress, and it even produces a better diet.

  The therapeutic benefits of gardening have been well documented by science for some time now. Various universities and hospitals now sponsor formal programs called "horticultural therapy" which fully recognize and make use of the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of gardening to help people with arthritis and other disabilities. The benefits of horticultural therapy are so numerous that programs are all over the place.

  For instance, who wouldn't want to become more fit just from working in a simple garden? Who also wouldn't want to be able to savor the sweetness and freshness of home grown garden vegetables that lack the pesticides and chemicals used by the big farming conglomerates? Who wouldn't want to experience some quiet time every week where they could collect their thoughts and shed the stresses of a hectic world?

  Let's be honest, however, and get to the heart of the issue.


A Form of Gardening That Will Not Cause Pain

  What people usually worry about is that gardening will cause them pain rather than help solve it. They're looking for arthritis pain relief and believe gardening will cause pain rather than dissolve it.

  Of course that might have been true before, but now the modern science of ergonomics has shown us how to garden freely and comfortably without effort, strain or pain. It's taught us how you can actually use gardening movements for your health and to regain your flexibility and mobility. It's taught us how to garden comfortably without pain if you have arthritis or some other disability.

  In short, medical advisors now tell us that gardening is part of the arthritis cure.

  Did you know that the most recent medical studies are consistently showing that it's the people with health problems -- such as arthritis and other disabilities -- who are the ones who could benefit most from working in a garden?

  Gardening has shown a multitude of health benefits which the popular media sources just aren't reporting because it's such a passive activity.
For instance, according to a new study by the University of Arkansas, women over 50 who garden at least once a week have a higher bone density reading (the reading that is used to diagnose osteoporosis) than women who take part in almost any other form of exercise.

  Aside from weight training, doing yard work and gardening were found superior to other forms of weight-bearing exercise such as swimming, jogging, walking and aerobics! If you are working in the garden at least once a week, chances are you are fighting osteoporosis and don't even know it. You cannot get that result through swimming, and gardening is much more convenient!

  A study in the American Journal of Public Health also recently reported reduced medical costs associated with individuals who garden because it keeps them fit and in shape. More recently, a study involving stretching and rheumatoid arthritis, published in the Journal of Rheumatology, found that arthritis patients could gain definite benefit from stretching activities which would help reduce pain, improve joint mobility, increase their energy levels, and relieve stress and tension. So I'm going to teach you that as well. In addition, an article in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery confirmed that many age-related declines in musculoskeletal function can be reduced through regular physical exercise, and these health gains could be realized through gardening.

  Therefore even the Arthritis Foundation now tells everyone that exercises performed on a regular basis are an important part of arthritis treatment. That's right ... to help your arthritis you need to stay active and exercise.

  These are just a few of the scientific findings.

  Anybody else?

  In a recent publication the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases said, "It is appropriate to put joints gently through their full range of motion once a day, with periods of rest during acute systemic flares or local joint flares," and the University of Missouri-Columbia's Department of Physical Therapy has sent out press releases stating,

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases affecting adults in America today. Gardening can be an excellent treatment for this painful and often debilitating disease. People who have arthritis and garden maintain better flexibility in their joints, a larger range of motion and enjoy better quality of life than what they did before taking up this calming hobby.

  That also means you shouldn't give up moving when you have arthritis, but should still be actively exercising when you have arthritis!

  Numerous scientific studies have also shown that regular physical activity reduces your risk of premature death, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, depression and colon cancer as well. Regular exercise has all these benefits, so you have to keep active.

  The National Institutes of Health, or NIH, advises that the amount and form of exercise for arthritics should simply depend on which joints are involved, the amount of inflammation, how stable the joints are, and whether a joint replacement procedure has been done.

  So here's what you should know ...


Exercise for People with Arthritis

  Provided you follow some simple rules, gardening is perfectly safe and the best overall way to insure that you stay physically active to claim all these possible health benefits ... reduced joint pain and stiffness, increased flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, weight reduction and an improved sense of well-being.

  Exercising is good for you and gardening is the best way to keep you on that fitness track. It's the best way because of all the direct and collateral benefits it generates. The question is how to garden without pain and effort, and the right tools you should use to get out of it the maximum possible benefits.

  While your doctor may not tell you this because he doesn't know, exercise is one active part of a comprehensive arthritis treatment plan. Staying active greatly reduces the degeneration caused by arthritis and the best way to stay active is to manage a simple indoor or outdoor garden. So when you start exercising through the "comfortable gardening" way, you will start claiming all the benefits of physical regeneration because it will help you:

  • Increase your muscle strength so it's easier to lift things
  • Increase your joint flexibility so you can move more freely
  • Reduce your various joint pains
  • Give you a chance to properly stretch your back so it doesn't hurt as much
  • Reduce your muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Increase healing blood flow to all your muscles and joints
  • Increase your endurance so that you can maintain your energy throughout the day
  • Help with weight reduction so that you see the pounds shed away
  • Give you a positive outlet to let go of worry and stress
  • Help combat depression so you no longer have the blues
  • Give you a chance to enjoy nature
  • Better insure your independence and ability to take care of yourself on your own

  Because gardening and yard work offer the opportunity for all three types of physical exercise - endurance, flexibility, and strengthening activities - it's undeniable that gardening contributes to healthier living.

  Here's the Simple Truth in a Nutshell

  The only way to become more flexible is to use your joints. The only way to become more flexible is to regularly stretch all your muscles and joints through their normal ranges of motion, but daily stretching is not something we do too often even when we know it should be done.

  Therefore we need some activity that actively encourages stretching.

  The best forms of exercise is not any "perfect one," but simply "the ones you bother to do." This is why many seniors turn to gardening for their exercise needs, for as one individual said, "Gardening is a labor of love while exercise is just plain labor." That keeps you at it.

  When you start caring for a garden, the great thing about it is that it actually forces you to do what's best for your health, but in an enjoyable way. Given a choice between a treadmill and gardening, most people will always choose the gardening option because the results are far more delicious, peaceful and rewarding! That's why gardening has become the largest hobby in the US!

  Unfortunately, most people don't get all the benefits they can out of gardening or even strain themselves because they don't know how to garden correctly. It's so simple to learn how to garden correctly, yet no one ever teaches them.

  "Comfortable gardening" is therefore the perfect catalyst, or motivation, to get into a proper exercise and stretching regime which will keep you progressing toward a more flexible pain-free future.

  One of the best things about gardening is that it can also easily be adapted for all sorts of special needs. Even if you use a wheelchair or walker, or struggle with some other sort of advanced disability, rest assured that a gardening solution has already been developed for your condition. People call this disabled gardening, enabled gardening, adaptive, accessible or special needs gardening, and I'm going to tell you all about this as well.

Why "Comfortable Gardening"
Will Help Your Joints ... Guaranteed!

  The biggest worry people have about gardening is that it will inflame their joints and make their condition worse. They worry because for years doctors have wrongly said that people with arthritis should avoid all forms of exercise for fear of hurting their joints even more. People were told that arthritis was caused by the "wear and tear" on joints, and so every sort of exercise became out of bounds.

  The result?

  People's joints got even worse, and their pain never improved either.

  Not exercising causes weak muscles, stiff joints, reduced mobility, and lost vitality, say rheumatologists, who now routinely advise a balance of physical activity and rest.

  In other words, you have to keep moving your joints to stay healthy when you have arthritis. Otherwise, a joint that is immobilized initiates a series of changes that result in the total destruction of the joint within about four months. Even without arthritis these joint changes begin to occur as a consequence of relative immobility.

  On the other hand, medical studies conclusively show that arthritis sufferers who exercise will definitely experience a whole variety of life empowering improvements including stronger, healthier and more flexible joints.

  Both scientific research and popular experience has confirmed, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that exercise is a powerful tool for managing your arthritis!

  Even doctors who prescribe natural substances like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to heal patients' joints must tell their arthritis patients that they need to exercise their joints to get the full benefits of these supplements. Only exercise will increase the blood supply to your joints and enable helpful nutritional substances to reach those affected areas.

  Did you know that if you just take those supplements but don't exercise your joints, the results will be less than satisfactory because they will never get to where they need to go? That's another reason for learning how to properly move inthe garden.

  In short, there is no reason to fear gardening any longer and many reasons to take it up.

  If you're not already gardening there are thousands of reasons to start, and if you are already gardening don't stop, but rather get hold of this informationand use it to silence your aches and pains and regain all your lost mobility.

  Even if you have suffered low back pain, you should NOT avoid gardening. This is true even if you believe that gardening was the activity which previously caused an attack of acute low back pain in the past. Gardening is an activity that can and should be enjoyed to full measure, and provided that some precautions are headed, it can be safely pursued with confidence.

  Studies have shown that probably the worse thing a person with a bad back can do is stay in bed! In fact, we'll show you how to prevent back pain or get rid of it for good.

  With all activities that involve bending there is definitely an element of risk as far the back is concerned. Even the task of picking up something offers this risk. However, this risk can be minimized by reversing the stresses which are involved in the actions of bending or stooping.

  Since we teach you everything you need to know to lift correctly without hurting yourself in The Arthritis Gardening Solution, isn't this something you'd want to know about?

  The key to the easy gardening solution is to know how to garden correctly. In fact, a big secret is that the best gardeners in the world have one trait in common - how little physical work they actually do.

  If you follow some very simple rules, you will gain all the pain-free benefits that gardening has to offer, which is why it has become the number one hobby in the US and one of the fastest growing participative forms of fitness in America. You'll learn how to move so as not to inflame your arthritis, and yet employ enabled gardening to begin to regain your health. And you'll learn how to painlessly move your body for the thousand-and-one other activities you normally perform throughout the day!

  Over 70-80% of seniors in America have some form of arthritis, and yet more seniors are involved in gardening than almost any other activity because of the "quality of life" it brings.

  While many individuals acknowledge that gardening helps them stay in shape and is a wonderful "stress buster," their problem is that they do not know the best way - the most convenient, pain-free, accessible, comfortable way - to use it as a form of fitness exercise to stay in top shape. They do not know how to stretch properly before gardening, nor how to use their gardening activities as a form of exercise to bring about the robust health it can deliver.

  They don't know about all the special "ergonomic" tools available for indoor or outdoor gardening that make it more fun and easier, and so they deprive themselves of the benefits they can bring. The new science of ergonomics has not only enabled us to design stress free tools but also teaches us how to properly hold gardening tools so that we don't experience any tiredness or joint strain, and how to lift and hold things correctly.

  This is knowledge everyone can use because you can use it everywhere.

  Once you have this knowledge from The Arthritis Gardening Solution, you will no longer strain any of your joints when pushing or pulling but will be able to get all the benefits of exercise that will make you stronger, more mentally acute, and will let you sleep better at night as well.

  ... Of course you don't have to use this information just in gardening but can apply it anywhere!!!

  "Comfortable Gardening" may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it isn't. It's just that many gardeners suffer needlessly and almost want to give it up because they haven't been taught how to use their bodies properly. In The Arthritis Gardening Solution, I'll teach you practical body movement techniques that make gardening nearly effortless.

  When you let us teach you how to garden effortlessly and start putting our lessons into play, the result will be comfortable, satisfying, and rewarding. You'll get all the benefits I've mentioned, and more ... that's a money back guarantee.

  Taking care of a garden not only provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment, but you'll be able to grow wonderful plants and flowers and your own organic, pesticide free food that is no longer found in stores. A home garden is one of the few ways left today that lets you remember what real food tastes like.

  For some folks, growing produce in their garden, even if it's small, can even lead to some extra income! In any case, remember that Adam and Eve were placed in a garden because eating your own garden produce is good for you!

Why Thousands of People Have Taken
Up the "Comfortable Gardening" Way

  Whether you choose to do indoor or outdoor gardening, we want you to know that when you move your arms, hands and legs in a certain way, this will provide all the joint flexibility, endurance and strengthening exercises you need to start reversing the hold of arthritis degeneration.

  Doctors says that part of the way to silence your arthritis pain and achieve healthier joints and greater joint flexibility is the right sort of exercise, and that exercise is "comfortable gardening."

  Because we know the fields of both bodywork and nutrition, as a bonus I'm not just going to tell you how to garden correctly to regain your joint mobility, but I'm also going to tell you what foods you should eat, what foods you should avoid, and what supplements you should take to start reversing your arthritis entirely!

  For instance, most arthritis sufferers should avoid the "nightshade" groups of foods, and if you stay away from them for awhile, your arthritis might go away completely.

  This set of well documented research we'll show you has all by itself cleared up arthritis completely for thousands of arthritis sufferers. So I'll tell you how to move properly in your garden, we'll teach you special gardening tricks to save movements and labor, and we'll reveal special nutritional means that get rid of arthritis completely.

  You owe it to yourself to find out all these secrets. We are going tell you things your doctor and friends are dying to know, such as:

  • How the best gardeners eliminate the chore of weeding entirely

  • How to stretch properly and correctly perform all the movements of "comfortable gardening"

  • How to correctly position your thumb on gardening tools to prevent wrist pain and maximize your arm strength

  • Two super ways to protect your knees when gardening so that they never bother you again

  • How to avoid the constant stooping or squatting that plagues most gardeners

  • How to stand, lift and pull correctly so as to never experience a bad back again ... and where you can go if you ever need to "fix it"

  • Whether to use your fingers or palms when pushing or pulling objects

  • The correct way to switch from one gardening activity to another

  • How you can use gardening to prevent osteoporosis

  • How to attach T- and D- handles to old rakes and hoes making them easier to use

  • 5 common myths about exercise and gardening that prevent people from becoming healthier

  • The best way to protect your hands from the cold and still be able to pick up tiny objects in the garden

  • The most useful time-tested tools that every arthritis gardener should have ... because they were created especially for you and your condition

  • What gardening tools will help you avoid over-bending or over-stretching

  • The perfect dimensions for raised gardening beds, and why raised bed gardening is perfect for people who don't like to kneel

  • The best time of the day to garden in outdoor weather

  • The type of grip you should always put on all your gardening tools to avoid hand strain and cramps

  • How to carry gardening trays without hurting your arms

  • How to make your own gardening tool handles that eliminate the chance of "wrist lock"

  • Why light weight tools are not always the best gardening tools, and how you should select the tools you should buy

  • How to know exactly what your garden will look like before it's even completed !

  • 8 modern ways to silence arthritis pain without ever seeing a doctor

  • Where to turn for *FREE* help if you ever have any gardening questions

  • Why putting a mailbox in your garden can save you loads of time and trouble

  • The best type of plants to grow when you still want a garden but don't want to spend a lot of time and effort maintaining it

  • Why growing peas and beans is good for your back

  • The proper materials to use when building garden pathways

  • Exactly where to go to improve your soil quality in an environmentally friendly fashion

  • How to chase rabbits, deer, moles, gophers, squirrels and other creatures away from your garden naturally

  • What to immediately do if you ever feel any pain when gardening

  • How to use an old pipe and gelatin blocks to help plant seeds

  • How you can determine whether food sensitivities are the thing actually causing your arthritis flare-ups

  • How to read a blood test to determine whether you are allergic to wheat, and whether it's contributing to your arthritis

  • A simple figure on your blood test which tells whether your arthritis is actually a form of gout ... and what to do about it

  • A little-known medical protocol for rheumatoid arthritis that has cured thousands of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers

  • Natural pain relief solutions that all arthritis sufferers should know about

  • A list of arthritis prescription medications that may actually be harming you

  • Why chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate can help rebuild your arthritic joints ... and what else you should take along with them

  • Why Edgar Cayce was right about cod liver oil helping arthritis

  • Two of the best nutritional supplement brands you can always trust for most of your nutritional needs, and why their prices are so low (you can find them in most every health food store - and we have nothing to do with them at all!)

  This is just a partial list of all the things you'll learn from the 94 pages of The Arthritis Gardening Solution, and we guarantee that with this information you will no longer have to be a sitting duck waiting for arthritis to cripple your life. That's what this book is about ...

  ... but that's not all …


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  I'm not just going to tell you how to go through the motions of gardening correctly so as to gain all the benefits of gardening exercise without hurting your joints, but we are also going to provide you with a private report I've prepared on various nutritional and naturopathic approaches to arthritis and joint pain that can eliminate it completely.

  This report contains details on how to read your blood exam for clues to the source of your arthritis, and tells you how to identify and eliminate any hidden food allergies that might be exacerbating your arthritis flare-ups.

  It also reveals the cutting edge nutritional supplements that thousands have used to get rid of their arthritis forever. You'll find out about proven natural supplements which can bring soothing arthritis relief, help repair joint damage and actually rebuild your joint cartilage.

  A visit to a top nutritionist nowadays can cost anywhere from $125 to $300 per appointment, and even then you still will not be handed this information. However, it comes for free as part of the comfortable gardening ebook.   

  You are even going to learn about specially designed protocols that your doctor has never heard of yet have been used by naturopathic M.D.'s across the country for curing thousands of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis sufferers completely!

  Not only that, but I've also added another special dimension to this book. I've included a section on 5 popular meditation methods that have been used for centuries to help people deal with aches and pain, especially those of arthritis.

  If you've always wanted to learn how to meditate, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to silence physical pain, master stress-free living, and experience the heights of continuous mental focus. A daily meditation routine has been scientifically shown to effortlessly produce deep levels of mental peace, lower blood pressure and better levels of health as well as increased longevity. Now you'll learn how to claim all these benefits.

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  If you act now, I'm even going to provide you with documented results from NASA, the space agency, that indicate the types of plants you should grow within your own home to actually detoxify any harmful chemical compounds in the air such as cigarette smoke, carpet odors, formaldehyde that's outgassing from wood paneling, benzene, TCE and other chemical vapors.

  As part of their space program, NASA tested hundreds of plants to find out which ones could detoxify poisonous chemicals in our air in case those capabilities were ever needed in space. Now you can have those results for your own house.

  You will learn precisely what beautiful plants you should be growing inside your very own home safe to cut down the risk of getting cancer.

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Peta Tools YouCan TooCan
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  I'm not only going to give you free coupons for the most popular products purchased by arthritis gardeners - and we've done a LOT of consumer research to determine what those products are for you - but I'm also going to tell you about a number of other gardening supply stores available on the internet whose prices are lower than everybody else's because of their large volume and because they cut out the middlemen and sell directly to you. … Why pay extra if we can tell you where to find great deals?

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